Joel Klatt broke down how this Michigan team is different from others in the past. He thinks the changes that Jim Harbaugh has made recently sets the team up well against Ohio State.

Harbaugh got Michigan its first win over Ohio State in quite some time last year. Klatt emphasized how important the foundation that Harbaugh has laid out in Ann Arbor is after learning from the 2018-2020 seasons on ‘The Joel Klatt Show’.

“I’ve really been a fan of this evolution of what I see now from Michigan,” said Klatt. “Covered them for 4 straight weeks, and I will tell you this: Jim Harbaugh learned some really valuable lessons as a head coach in 2018 and 2019 and the Covid year.”

Much like last year’s version of “The Game”, fans could be in for a close battle once again. Klatt sees this team as being built for one purpose: to beat Ohio State.

“This Buckeyes team we see this year, they’re going to have to face a very good Michigan team,” said Klatt. “This is a Michigan team that is built now — from a chemistry standpoint and schematic standpoint — to face Ohio State. This is not just the Michigan team that you can go put up 55 points on anymore.”

We’ll see what goes down on Nov. 26.