Joel Klatt may have angered some Ohio State fans this week after putting the Buckeyes underneath Michigan in his latest top 10 rankings. He explained why he decided to go that way on ‘The Joel Klatt Show’.

What it came down to for Michigan was potential. Klatt stated that while Ohio State may have the better ceiling, Michigan has the higher floor.

“Here’s why,” said Klatt. “Ohio State may have the higher ceiling, but Michigan has the higher floor at this point.”

Klatt further went on to defend his decision by talking about how he had to play in a game where there was a tornado delay. Klatt played quarterback for Colorado from 2002-2005.

He felt little remorse for Ohio State fans, however.

“I hear you, Buckeye fans, about the weather,” said Klatt. “I understand it better than you do. In 2005 I had to play a game against Iowa State in which there was a tornado. There was a tornado delay before the game. So, we delayed the game for about an hour. You play in the B1G, they’re gonna be elements.”

We’ll see how Klatt is feeling after Nov. 26. If both teams can come into that game undefeated it should be another great showdown.