Joel Klatt and Danny Kanell got into it on social media recently. The two discussed who was better this season between Michigan and Clemson.

This all started after Klatt stated that Clemson would finish third in the B1G East or SEC East.

Kanell then downplayed the schedules of Ohio State and Michigan, guaranteeing that the Tigers would go undefeated with either.

Klatt defended his stance by highlighting how Clemson’s QB situation is unsettled. He believes that Clemson would be undefeated if it had Ohio State’s schedule, but not Michigan’s.

Kanell then fired back by bringing up how D.J. Uiagalelei has done compared to J.J. McCarthy. Uiagalelei has 17 TDs with 4 interceptions, with McCarthy has 9 TDs and 2 interceptions. After that, Klatt wasn’t sure if Kanell had even watched the Wolverines play this season.

The last point that Klatt made in the debate was centered around how Clemson had to pull Uiagalelei in order to beat Syracuse over the weekend. Clemson is ranked No. 6 by Klatt, and he said that the Clemson is a great defensive team. However, there are inconsistencies on offense.

Who was right, Klatt or Kanell?