Fox College Football lead analyst Joel Klatt today lent his analytical and voice talents to the broadcast radio medium, making a sit down on The Herd program to offer an opinion on everyone’s favorite college coaching obsession, Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan Wolverines. 

Cowherd is known across the country for his flaming hot takes fired scattershot across the American sporting spectrum. Klatt arrived in time to offer grist for the Herd’s mill on coach Harbaugh, one of the radio program’s most frequently addressed subjects

Klatt was up to the challenge, and called the home loss last Saturday to a reeling Michigan State team a bottoming out of sorts, and suggested beating everyone consistently except Michigan’s most ferocious rivals won’t cut it in Ann Arbor. 

“In particular, with the way Michigan State had a coaching staff that came in late, a lot of new players. It does not look good,” said Klatt.

From there Klatt moved into Harbaugh’s $9-million dollar a year contract and how the Wolverines are not getting an elite return on that spectacularly high number.