Michigan’s latest loss has everyone looking at Jim Harbaugh a little differently, even some of the guys who have supported him most over the years.

This week, FOX college football analyst Joel Klatt joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd to discuss Michigan’s 35-14 loss to Wisconsin on Saturday, dropping the Wolverines to 2-1 on the season. It was an ugly defeat that has many wondering whether Michigan is capable of turning things around this year.

Klatt and Cowherd have been big defenders of Harbaugh in the past, and while they’re not quite ready to give up on him, they have some serious questions after the 21-point loss. Most of the conversation revolved around the offense being “a mess.”

“[Harbaugh went chasing something that has failed, to this point. I don’t know if it’s going to change” Klatt said. “His change of offensive philosophy has failed. It’s awful.

“Michigan was atrocious and have been since the Ohio State game [last year]. And I just wonder to myself…if the spot had been correct in 2016 against Ohio State and if they get the punt off against Michigan State [in 2015], do you think he goes through this mid-coaching crisis this last year and changes his offensive philosophy?”

It’s an interesting thought from Klatt. While Michigan’s offense has often been the criticism of the program, a win over Ohio State in 2016 would’ve resulted in a B1G title trip for the Wolverines and potentially a spot in College Football Playoff.

Instead, Harbaugh is still chasing that goal. And, so far, the change in the offense has not worked.

“This has been a failure of philosophical change,” Klatt said. ” Now, that doesn’t mean that it can continue to be a failure. They might turn it around, I’m not sure. Doesn’t look like it so far…their offense is dreadful and it starts with the offensive line. I know the quarterback play has not been great. But Jim’s offensive line has been atrocious.”

Below is the full clip of Klatt and Cowherd discussing Michigan’s offense. The Wolverines are back on the field Saturday in Ann Arbor to take on Rutgers.