Josh Gattis had some striking comments about the Michigan administration in a text message to Michigan players as he shared his farewell on the way to Miami. But according to Aaron Torres of FOX Sports Radio, he was not alone.

“Just got a text from someone I trust: Josh Gattis isn’t the only high profile assistant that is pissed off with Harbaugh over the last month and looking to get out. Harbaugh is basically Lenny from “Of Mice and Men.” Had something beautiful in his hands and absolutely squashed it.”

The sentiment may be referring to Jim Harbaugh receiving interest, and pursuing an NFL job, as Harbaugh was reportedly connected to the head coach vacancies with the Las Vegas Raiders and Minnesota Vikings. There were also reports of a connection with Michigan booster and Miami Dolphins owners Stephen Ross.

Gattis and former defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald each left the program, as Macdonald went back to coach with the Baltimore Ravens.

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Harbaugh explained his feelings toward a Michigan future.

“In a nutshell, I love Michigan,” he explained in a phone call Thursday evening. “I love every player. I love every family.”

Then why, he was asked, had he flown to Minneapolis to interview for the head coaching job with the Vikings?

“There was a tugging at me that I was once that close to a Super Bowl and I didn’t get it. Some NFL jobs came open. I was contacted by the (Minnesota) Vikings,” Harbaugh said. “For better or for worse, it was something I wanted to explore. I went in thinking, ‘I’m gonna have 100 percent conviction on this, and if they (Minnesota) have 100 percent conviction on this, then it’s something I’m gonna do.”

Perhaps his assistants may need a stronger message going forward.