Josh Pate was confused about the offensive game plan that Michigan decided to use against TCU in the College Football Playoff semifinal on Saturday. Pate was especially confused by how the Wolverines used QB J.J. McCarthy during the game.

McCarthy’s legs were not used enough, according to Pate. Pate referenced how with C.J. Stroud against Georgia, the Ohio State QB had at least not been used much as a runner this season. That is not the case with McCarthy and Michigan.

“They did not use J.J. McCarthy like I thought they were going to. Just in terms of what McCarthy has proven to be able to do with his legs. It’s not like a C.J. Stroud thing where he didn’t really run the ball all year and ran it against Georgia. JJ’s run it all year, and for whatever reason they did not choose to use that weapon.”

Pate also questioned how Michigan used Donovan Edwards. Edwards finished the game with 23 carries and 119 yards rushing, but was not used enough on the goal line in Pate’s opinion.

“Another thing was Donovan Edwards,” said Pate. “Edwards had 23 carries 119 yards, that’s a good stat line. It’s when they didn’t use him. Down near the goal line, for example. Edwards did not touch the ball there. That surprised me.”

Do you agree with Pate on this?