Junior Colson is now a sophomore at Michigan. He talked about what his mindset is like on game days per 247Sports’ Alejandro Zuniga.

Colson has played in every game for Michigan this season. He has 19 solo tackles, 30 assisted tackles, and 2 tackles for loss.

The Michigan defense really wants to impose their will on the teams they play at the end of the day. Colson is having a productive year so far, and had a season-high 13 total tackles against Maryland in Week 4.

We want to impose our will. I feel like that’s all of our mindsets — that’s definitely my mindset. I’m not really all that big on last year’s game. It’s just mostly imposing our will. Being able to dominate and see the light come out of their eyes. You see a light just fade away, their smile kind of die down.

We’ll see if Colson can keep his momentum going against Michigan State. That game kicks off Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET on ABC.