Junior Colson revealed the message the team received heading into Michigan’s rivalry game with Michigan State.

“Coach said, ‘Do not play with our food,’” Colson revealed per Alejandro Zuniga with 247 Sports. “That’s what we had to go out there and do.”

Colson led the Wolverines with 10 tackles in the game and added 1 TFL. The Wolverine defense held the Spartans to just 252 total yards on offense in the 29-7 win.

Colson was asked about his team being able to shut opposing teams out in the 2nd half. In Week 9, the Wolverines did not allow the Spartans to score after the 1st quarter.

Colson said the following:

We’ve got great coaches. We’ve got phenomenal coaches. Phenomenal guys who are able to put us in the right positions to dominate teams. Second half, that’s when we’ll see what type of offense they’re gonna be. And I think our coaches were great with the in-game adjustments and we just had to come out there and put the coffin on it.

Colson was complimentary of the Michigan coaching staff for their ability to adjust and put their players in the right positions. The Wolverine defense is only allowing opponents to gain 252.9 yards per game, the 3rd-best mark in the nation.