The NCAA has come under a lot of scrutiny since teams arrived in the Indianapolis bubble for the start of the NCAA Tournament. But Juwan Howard is incredibly thankful to everyone who has helped bring March Madness back to college basketball.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, just a few days before Michigan’s Sweet 16 matchup with Florida State, Howard gave plenty of praise to the people working at the NCAA and to the healthcare workers for creating a safe environment, allowing the tournament to happen this year. Last year’s cancellation of the tournament due to the pandemic was clearly still fresh in his mind.

Howard made some awesome comments, commending so many for all their hard work. The video of the Michigan head coach praising the NCAA and healthcare workers was shared on Twitter:

Seasons and careers ended for so many college basketball players on an unfortunate note. Several conference tournaments and the entire postseason was called off because of COVID-19. While there were some questions about whether or not March Madness would happen in 2021, everyone sacrificed a lot to get to this point.

Michigan defeated Texas Southern and LSU to reach the Sweet 16. The Wolverines are the last B1G team remaining in the tournament. After winning the B1G regular season and earning a No. 1 seed, Michigan still has plenty of goals left to achieve.