Juwan Howard received a 5-game suspension for his role in the post-game incident on Sunday between Michigan and Wisconsin.

On the “Mully and Haugh Show” on 670 The Score in Chicago, the prevailing opinion was they supported Howard, a Chicago native, not being fired. However they acknowledged that Howard has reached a short leash. Broadcaster Tim Brando described it as a “zero-tolerance policy” although he admitted that that might not be official.

“Statements are fine, but I think many times remorse needs to be visual, not just seen in a statement that’s written,” Brando said. “Look, I’m a Juwan Howard fan too, I’ve known this young man since he was playing with Michigan well over 30 years ago and he was the glue of the Fab 5. Anybody who followed college basketball then knew that. But listen, he’s a competitor and he’s not that far removed as a competitor because he had such an extended career as a glue guy and maybe a little bit of a coach on a 12-man roster.”

Brando said Howard is at Michigan because he’s a good coach, and not only because he’s a Michigan Man and a member of the Fab 5. The fact that Howard would hire someone like Phil Martelli to be on his staff speaks volumes, Brando said.

Brando figures Michigan needs to finish 3-2 in the games down the stretch, and if they do any less, the Wolverines will need to make a run in the Big Ten Tournament.

“This is a very critical time, and to have Martelli around is going to be helpful,” he said.

About the incident, Brando said Wisconsin coach Greg Gard should shoulder some culpability.

“Make like a college football player in a New Year’s Six bowl and opt out, just don’t go through the line if you’re going to mutter something like he did,” Brando said.

Brando explained that both coaches made mistakes by going through the line, and speaking their opinion, even if it was a natural human emotion, for example, in Gard’s case to explain his late timeout.

“There were a lot of mistakes made by a number of people, but none as egregious as Juwan’s,” he said.