Juwan Howard gave his thoughts on how NIL deals have changed college basketball. He didn’t back away from sharing how he wants more of those opportunities at Michigan per The Athletic’s Brendan Quinn.

Howard mentioned how the NIL situation hasn’t really changed how he does things when it comes to recruiting. At the same time, he did acknowledge that it definitely gets brought up when recruiting certain players.

“You know, NIL, it’s one of these things where it has helped some programs and what they’ve done in the transfer portal,” said Howard. “For us, NIL hasn’t hurt or helped me or the team when it comes to recruiting from the transfer portal. Have the conversations about NIL been brought up in recruiting? Yes it has.”

Michigan is 1 of the schools around the country that currently doesn’t have an NIL collective set up for its basketball program. Howard believes that if a collective was created it would really effect recruiting for the better.

“Do we have a collective here?” said Howard. “No. Do other programs have collectives? Yes. Could we be more proactive with the NIL and use more forward thinking? Yes. And I say ‘we’. Our athletic department, as well as Michigan as a whole, we can do better.”

Here is the full statement from Howard: