Kalel Mullings delivered one of the plays of The Game against Ohio State. Now, the linebacker and short-yardage running back is keeping his arm ready for the Fiesta Bowl.

During the win over Ohio State, Mullings lined up for a short third-down play against the Buckeyes. After taking a handoff, Mullings delivered a jump pass for Michigan, a play that went for 15 yards and a crucial first down to keep a drive alive.

With the cat out of the bag on Mullings’ usage as a passer, TCU is probably going to be alert when he lines up in the backfield. Either way, the Wolverines practiced one play with Mullings as a passer on Thursday, and he looks more than capable of pulling off another big-play pass on Saturday.

While some fans panicked at the idea of the play being circulated, Michigan ran the rep during the portion of practice open to the media. It is not likely to be a play TCU is not already prepared for, and it’s entirely possible any usage of Mullings as a passer comes from a different play design.

In addition to his pass play, Mullings has 9 carries for 26 yards and a pair of touchdowns this season. The third-year linebacker also has 11 tackles, proving to be a truly versatile asset for Jim Harbaugh’s squad.