When Grant Newsome went down during Saturday’s game with a knee injury, he told Jim Harbaugh that he thought he got cut while trying to block on the edge.

The result of that play was Michigan losing its starting left tackle for the 2016 season with a serious knee injury. Harbaugh said he wasn’t even sure that Newsome will be able to make a full recovery.

Not everyone believes that play was made within the confines of the game.

Michigan offensive lineman Kyle Kalis said there was some intent to harm made by the Wisconsin player — whoever it was — who took out Newsome.

“It was something (Newsome) couldn’t control, and it was also kind of a cheap shot,” Kalis said after practice on Tuesday. “When a defensive guy is supposed to chop, common courtesy is to go at your ankles, so if they swipe your ankles, you go up. But no, this guy dove at his knees. So, it wasn’t a good thing that the kid did.”

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Without naming names, that’s still a somewhat serious accusation. Michigan players have likely watched the play on film multiple times, which is usually the basis for a comment like that.

Regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong, the unfortunate outcome is that a promising sophomore’s football career is up in the air.

Kalis and the Michigan offensive linemen went to visit Newsome in the hospital. That was an eye-opening experience in itself.

“Especially when you see him and seeing what was going on with his leg and seeing everything he was hooked up to, it’s hard,” Kalis said. “We left the room, and it was like, ‘That could be any of us.’ That’s just a bad feeling. I’m really sad it happened, and I do not wish it upon my worst enemy.”