Former NFL player and current analyst Keyshawn Johnson thinks Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh would be a good fit for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys are currently led by Mike McCarthy, who was hired less than a year ago. But things are going poorly in Dallas, and Johnson thinks Harbaugh could be the fix.

“If I’m a billionaire like Jerry Jones, money is not an issue,” Johnson said. “If I have to pay a coach $20 million to say goodbye to him, so be it. I gotta go out there and find somebody who can lead my team in the right direction.

“I’m looking at Jim Harbaugh. And the reason I’m looking at Jim Harbaugh is because even though he wears you out around year three, year four, he can take over a team that has talent, like he did the San Francisco 49ers.”

There’s also the matter of Harbaugh’s situation at Michigan. He’s still coaching on his original seven-year contract that is set to expire after the 2021 season. With a lackluster record vs. rivals, Johnson thinks the Wolverines wouldn’t mind seeing him move on.

“Jim Harbaugh is struggling at Michigan,” Johnson said. “I’m sure people want him to leave Michigan. He’s probably itching to get back in the right situation.”

Here’s Johnson’s full take: