Little did we know that the “Har-Bus” was just the beginning of Fox Sports’ non-stop coverage of the Michigan coach.

According to Sports Business Journal writer Eric Fisher, Fox Sports Go sunk to a new low. One of their five cameras for the Michigan/Utah opener will be focused on Jim Harbaugh’s khakis.

No, that’s not a joke.

The network already made eye-roll headlines when it debuted the Har-bus and the Har-bros. This will give the Michigan coach even more airtime than the millions of sideline shots will see on Thursday.

There is always the off chance that Harbaugh’s pants will blow up in the middle of the second quarter. Can you imagine the egg on the face of Fox Sports if they didn’t have the up-close shot of that?

Perhaps the best question to ask about this is, who will watch this? And perhaps the better question, why?