Thanks to all of the antics and secrecy leading up to the actual game, the Michigan-Florida bout on Saturday is quickly becoming the most interesting contest of the weekend.

Neither Florida or Michigan has named a starting quarterback. The Wolverines just released a roster on Wednesday. Jim McElwain doesn’t seem to be a fan of Jim Harbaugh.

It’s almost become a daytime drama as we patiently await the two teams to clash in Texas.

Kirk Herbstreit was the most recent to offer his thoughts on the antics at work on both sides, and also offered his thoughts on the actual game (yes, one will eventually be played) that will kick off on Saturday.

First, Herbstreit offered his thoughts on Michigan’s quarterback situation.

“It’s just antics,” he said on the Herbstreit & Fitzsimmons podcast. “You’re telling me Wilton Speight, after starting every game last year with the exception of one game is not going to be the starting quarterback? For a team that lost 43 seniors, you want to make a gentleman’s bet on who’s the starting quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday against Florida?”

Herbstreit also said that SEC guys don’t really care for Harbaugh and they’ll take any chance they get to “take a shot or two” at the Michigan coach, they’ll do it.

Later, Herbstreit said both Michigan and Florida are top-20 programs with plenty riding on this game.

“There’s a lot of stake for these two teams, not to mention Big Ten and SEC bragging rights on the line,” he said. “So that’s one of the games for me that definitely has a star by it for this opening weekend.”

Most college football fans probably have already had a star by that game for months now.