Things are getting a little tense in Michigan.

The Wolverines are off to a 1-2 start this year after upset losses to Michigan State and Indiana. Fans and media are divided on the effectiveness of coach Jim Harbaugh, who is in his sixth year with the program.

Not helping matters is Harbaugh’s contract situation. His deal expires at the end of next season, which is an exceptionally rare situation of a Power 5 coach to be in.

As much as Michigan has struggled this season, some insist that Harbaugh is not to blame. Apparently ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit is among them.

“I’d like to think they can turn it around and [prove] to be the guy we all thought when he first came in,” Herbstreit said on a Zoom call with reporters on Wednesday. “Anybody who thinks he can’t coach is crazy.”

Herbstreit, an Ohio State alum, also said he’s been rooting for Harbaugh to get the Wolverines back on track.

“You know that nobody wants to see him do better than me outside of the Michigan family. Like, I am all in,” Herbstreit said. “When they made the hire, I was like, ‘Here we go,’ because I want the Big Ten to be elite, and I want the blue bloods to be elite, and I want Ohio State and Michigan to play each other with everything on the line every year. That’s my dream scenario as the fan in me.”

Michigan will try to get back on track on Saturday against Wisconsin.