It was only a matter of time before LeBron James was asked about Jim Harbaugh.

An avid Ohio State fan — though he never attended college in Columbus — James has been on the sidelines for plenty of games, including the national championship last year. If you follow James on Twitter, you’ll probably see a barrage of Ohio State-related tweets soon with showdowns against Michigan State and Michigan on the horizon.

With those headliner games approaching, James was asked before Tuesday night’s game in Detroit about his beloved Buckeyes’ upcoming schedule. He didn’t talk much about the MSU game, but he was asked about whether or not the addition of Jim Harbaugh would spice up the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry.

To put it simply, no.

“Well it doesn’t matter who is the coach over in Michigan, it’s always a rivalry,” James told “And, uh, we really don’t care who’s at the helm over there.”

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that James would take a subtle jab at Michigan. And his comments were likely more referencing the fact that arguably the best rivalry in the sport doesn’t need any more “spice.”

But the Wolverines are obviously a different team with Harbaugh at the helm. Michigan already has eight wins, which it hasn’t reached since the 2012 season. Ohio State will surely see a different group than the 5-7 squad that came into Columbus last year. Even that game saw the Buckeyes fend off Michigan for a 42-28 win.

In case you somehow forgot, this year’s showdown is still 11 days away. And even though its MSU-OSU week — the game that’s been getting hype since August — the nation’s best rivalry is still stealing headlines.