Michigan has no time to waste during the 2020 season as the Wolverines open things on the road at Minnesota in primetime. That means some pressure on Big Blue, including on coach Jim Harbaugh.

Though the Michigan man has had success leading the program, there still remains the elephant in the room that is his team’s struggles against one particular rival.

“Despite having an outstanding record of 47-18 in his five years at Michigan, there’s pressure on coach Harbaugh,” College GameDay analyst Lee Corso said on Saturday. “The reason? Two words: Ohio State. He’s 0-5 against the Buckeyes and lost the last two games by giving up 117 points. Add to that, he’s 0-4 in his last four bowl games. This is an important year for Harbaugh, no question about it.”

Though the struggles against Ohio State are a major issue for Harbaugh, that game won’t come until Dec. 12. Meanwhile, the Wolverines are going up against a ranked opponent in Minnesota and are doing so with a new quarterback and four new offensive linemen.

Getting off to a good start will be imperative for Michigan and Harbaugh, whose contract is up after the 2021 season.

“I would say not only is it an important year, but it’s an important season,” Kirk Herbstreit said on College GameDay on Saturday. “On this field, it’s not like they’re warming up with a team they’re expected to blow out at home in Ann Arbor. With all that kind of in the back and lurking around in Ann Arbor, now you’ve got to play with a new quarterback, four new offensive linemen…other than Ronnie Bell, you’ve got new receivers…I’m excited to see where they are.

“And I think they, by the way, are anxious to prove to people who they are this season.”

We will see who the Wolverines are starting tonight in Minneapolis.