In many ways, Taylor Lewan has had a breakout year for the Tennessee Titans.

The former Michigan offensive linemen helped paved the way for one of the league’s best rushing attacks and one of the league’s top young quarterbacks.

But Lewan’s low moments have certainly been memorable.

The former first-round pick had another one on Sunday in the first quarter of a game against the Green Bay Packers. After Letroy Guion jumped offsides and made contact with Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, Lewan reacted and got into a scuffle.

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Lewan then pushed an official’s hand aside that was trying to break it up. He was immediately ejected with the Titans leading in the game.

Here’s where you can see the video.

Earlier in the season, Lewan was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct at the end of a potential go-ahead drive. That drew criticism of Kirk Herbstreit, who blasted Lewan on Twitter.

Fortunately for Lewan, it doesn’t look like his antics will cost the Titans a game on Sunday. They jumped out to a 35-16 lead at the break.