Logan Lee and the Iowa Hawkeyes were never able to keep things close against Michigan. The Wolverines won the Big Ten title 26-0, as many across the country expected.

Following the game, Lee told reporters that he is thankful to be able to play for Iowa, specifically going out of his way to mention how he appreciates the “ethics” of the Hawkeyes coaching staff. With the recent controversy surrounding Michigan, it’s not hard to understand why he made these comments.

“Very blessed to be coached by a coaching staff that has ethics and uses and does the right thing. And has some integrity to it,” Lee said.

When asked to further elaborate, Lee declined. Check out the full video below:

Lee, a senior with the Hawkeyes, had a strong year in 2023. With just the Hawkeyes’ bowl game to go, Lee is sitting at 52 tackles with 3 sacks and 3 pass deflections.

Michigan will go to the College Football Playoff following the Wolverines’ win over Iowa. Washington seems set to join them, with 2 of Texas, Alabama and Florida State set to fill in spots No. 3 and 4.

The Selection Committee will reveal their picks Sunday at Noon on ESPN.