Michigan fans love Jim Harbaugh. If anyone was doubting that, the Michigan head coach has plenty of proof thanks to dozens of Halloween photos.

A week after Halloween, Harbaugh posed next to a board filled with photos he received from fans over the last few days. Those individuals were sporting Michigan sweaters, khaki pants and a hat with the Block M logo, dressed as the Wolverines’ leader this season.

Everyone from infants to grown adults got in on the fun. And, as usual, Harbaugh had a great message for all the people who thought of the head coach this season.

“Great to see people attacking Halloween with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!” Harbaugh wrote.

This was a great year to be dressed as Harbaugh for Halloween. The Wolverines are currently 8-1 on the season with a perfect 6-0 record in B1G play.

You might even say Michigan has been “scary” good this season. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Dressing up as a coach for Halloween isn’t anything new, but Harbaugh appears to be one of the few who truly appreciates fans desire to dress like him for a night. Now that he’s posted the photo, more Michigan fans may have an easier decision when deciding their costume for next season.