The sky is the limit.

That’s what it seemed like people were saying about Michigan going into 2018. Everybody knew the defense would be phenomenal and the offense finally got a legitimate QB in Shea Patterson. This was going to be the year.

Then, Saturday night happened.

The defense didn’t look like a force to be reckoned with and the offense only put up 17 points. Michigan is one game into its season and is already 0-1. Granted, Notre Dame came in ranked as the No. 12 team in the country, but, still.

This was a game in which the Wolverines were supposed to prove that they had improved.

Braylon Edwards, a former Michigan star wide receiver, took to Twitter about what he was seeing Saturday night. This sparked a response from Khalid Hill, another former Michigan Wolverines player, who is currently on the Seattle Seahawks.

Sparks were flying here, and rightfully so.

Hill took offense to Edwards’ comments and mentioned that the Wolverines will turn it around. We’ll see in Week 2 when Michigan hosts Western Michigan on Sept. 8.