Michigan’s weight room really didn’t need any updates, but it got one anyway.

On Monday, Michigan’s director of recruiting, Matt Dudek, took a few photos of a new 25′ x 14′ television that now sits along the wall inside the team’s weight room. He posted the photos on Twitter.

“How do you make the country’s best weight room even better?!? Add a 25×14′ TV!!!”

Michigan recently renovated their weight room, upgrading it into a state-of-the-art facility. It unveiled its new weight room in January 2018.

Perhaps Michigan is trying to lure all of its athletes to the weight room with the giant television. If they can get them in the door, no reason to not get a workout in, right?

OK, that’s probably not the case.

Still, it’s a pretty cool addition to the weight room and one the players will surely enjoy.