The Michigan Wolverines have hired former Florida coach Jim McElwain as their new WR coach, and the ex-Gator will be an important part of Jim Harbaugh’s offensive staff.

However, the Wolverines are making some bold claims about McElwain’s time in Gainesville, especially about his offensive units.

While McElwain was certainly a successful coach, leading the Gators to back-to-back SEC East titles, that was mostly on the strength of the Florida defense. Still, that didn’t stop the Wolverines from hyping up his nonexistent offenses on their official team website:

Considering the Gators finished No. 79 in total passing offense in 2016 and No. 86 in 2015, that’s a strange claim for the Wolverines to make.

In 2016, the Gators were No. 116 in terms of total offense, and in 2015, they didn’t fare much better, finishing No. 112 in the country.

Obviously, the Wolverines are trying to hype up their new hire, but making easily disproven claims about their new hire. It’s possible McElwain will have success in Ann Arbor, but these claims from Michigan are fake news.