For the most part, Michigan fans seem to be fine with the way Jim Harbaugh is running the program in Ann Arbor. Sure, losses to Ohio State hurt and no B1G titles is disappointing, but he’s still led the team to three 10-win seasons in four years.

But there are a few who remain critical of Harbaugh as he enters his fifth year with the Wolverines. So much so that they’re willing to pay big money to call him out at the team’s open practice on Saturday.

Someone paid to fly a banner over Michigan Stadium on Saturday evening, with a message that read “Hey Jim, this is God — It’s OK to pass on 1st down. Let’s try it.”

That’s pretty harsh, even for the most passionate fans.

Maybe that fan has heard — or maybe he really hasn’t — but Harbaugh has handed the offensive responsibilities over to new coordinator Josh Gattis. Michigan plans to run a little more up-tempo style of offense and — yes — will probably pass a little more on first down.

Harbaugh tends to block out most of the outside noise and he was more enamored with what was happening on the field more than what was happening a mile above the stadium.

Still, that was a pretty ruthless move by an irritated fan.