Marcus Spears, Stephen A. Smith and Paul Finebaum gave their respective opinions on Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s recent comments about revenue sharing.

Harbaugh recently noted that student-athletes deserve their fair share, which mostly comes from deals between schools and television companies.

“You can’t say you’re about diversity, equity and inclusion, if you aren’t willing to include the student-athletes in revenue sharing,” Harbaugh said, which was displayed on ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday.

On ESPN’s First Take, Spears agreed with Harbaugh.

“When the players talk about the business, the brass says it’s a game,” Spears said. “It’s always a changing conversation when it comes to the student-athlete.”

Finebaum also agreed with Harbaugh’s statement. He noted while student-athletes have opportunities at name, image and likeness deals, there’s still more to be given.

“College football has completely ignored the people that make it great. It’s the players on the field,” Finebaum said. “We feel better that they’re making some money (with NIL), but they’re missing out on the biggest pot, and that’s the television revenue.”

Smith praised Harbaugh’s speaking out for student-athletes, but added he’s “late to the party.”

“At the end of the day, (Harbaugh) should have been saying this years ago,” Smith said. “All of the coaches should have been saying this years ago.”

Finebaum said college football conferences remind him of “Goldman Sachs on Wall Street.”

“They print money but for the people on the field, let’s just give them some NIL money,” Finebaum said. “The money coming in is where it’s all about.”

The bottom line, Spears said, is college football is a business.

“It has evolved into that,” Spears said. “The evolution of sports and the business side of being so out there, these guys have evolved. They’re smarter and paying attention to the dollars and cents that are coming in based on what they’re doing on the field.”