Nineteen years ago, Charles Woodson went off against Ohio State and solidified his case for the Heisman Trophy.

The Michigan do-it-all weapon won the award over the likes of Peyton Manning and Randy Moss, thanks in large part to what he did against OSU in the regular-season finale.

Big Ten Network analyst Glen Mason believes that Jabrill Peppers will do the same exact thing.

He joined “Big Ten and Beyond” on Monday and said why Peppers will become the second defender to ever win the award:

As Mason said, Jim Harbaugh, who already said he believes Peppers could win the award, will keep that in mind. He could get enough offensive snaps and make enough of an impact on special teams to be on the short list at season’s end.

Peppers is already on the short list, according to Las Vegas. He’s fourth in the current Heisman Trophy odds at 10-to-1, and that was coming off one of the best games of his career against Rutgers.

To take it a step further and predict that Peppers will win the award because of a “monster game” against Ohio State isn’t as bold as it might seem. Peppers would likely have to do just that to solidify his candidacy anyway.

And if Peppers does go off against OSU, it could lead to a possible B1G title berth. Certainly Michigan fans wouldn’t mind all of the above.