Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn went on FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff to talk about who the fourth-best team in the country is. The two former quarterbacks gave their cases for Michigan as that team.

The Wolverines are undefeated after playing their non-conference schedule. Many other teams have not played the best competition early on, much like Michigan. Leinart thinks that doesn’t matter because the Wolverines have played extremely well against those teams.

“Michigan should in the Top 4, they look like a playoff team,” said Leinart. “Next to George, they’ve been the most dominant team in all of college football. You talk about the No. 1 in point differential. The schedule picks up today, but right now they’ve been one of the top teams in the country.”

Quinn has also heard the noise about how Michigan hasn’t played anyone good yet, and brought up how top teams like Clemson and Oklahoma haven’t played too many great teams yet either.

“Clemson’s opponents have combined for 2 wins,” said Quinn. “Oklahoma’s opponents have combined for 4 wins. USC, their opponents have combined for three wins. I think what separates Michigan is that they’re the most complete looking. They dominated their “cupcake” schedule.”

Michigan’s first true test starts as the Wolverines take on Maryland at noon ET on FOX.