Oakland Raiders DL Maurice Hurst may not have been drafted as high as he was hoping, but he now has plenty of motivation for the start of his NFL career.

Hurst spent his time with the Wolverines consistently showing he was a talented player with the ability to wreak havoc on opposing offenses. He finished his career with 130 tackles, 32 TFL, and 13.5 sacks and was named a 2017 All-American.

Unfortunately, a heart condition raised some red flags on Hurst’s health at the NFL Combine. It ultimately led to his slide to the fifth round of the draft where the Raiders took him with pick No. 140. While the low selection was less than ideal, Hurst now says he uses it as motivation every day.

Justin Rogers with The Detroit News shared Hurst’s comments:

“Yeah. I use it as motivation every day,” Hurst said. “I come out here, you always have something to prove whenever you come out of the field.”

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden also noted that Hurst has been “well-coached” during his time at Michigan and had high praise for Hurst’s motor and polish. While it remains to be seen what kind of NFL player he will become, there’s no denying Hurst is already impressing with plenty of motivation to drive him forward.