Mazi Smith added another layer to Jim Harbaugh’s superhero analogy. Smith referenced both Marvel and DC Comics when talking about his comparisons for Michigan and Ohio State at Monday’s press conference.

Smith sees Michigan as Batman, while Ohio State is more like Iron Man. Ohio State is like Iron Man to Smith because of how many gadgets it has up its sleeve.

“We’re Batman. (Ohio State) can be Iron Man or something,” he said. “They’re cool, too. They got some gadgets and stuff up their sleeve, for sure.”

The Buckeyes definitely have a lot of weapons to work with. C.J. Stroud and Marvin Harrison Jr. are just two of the weapons on the Ohio State offense. On the Michigan side there’s J.J. McCarthy, Donovan Edwards, and Blake Corum.

Corum and Edwards are both dealing with injuries heading into The Game. Michigan will need all the help it can get in order to take down the Buckeyes.