Mazi Smith knows that this year Ohio State will be out for blood. The Michigan Wolverines finally defeated their rivals in The Game last season 42-27.

This was the first win over Ohio State since 2011 as the defense and the rushing offense played a huge part in the win over the Buckeyes.

Now both No. 3 Michigan and No. 2 Ohio State are going into the Week 13 matchup in Columbus to decide the Eastern divisional title and a trip to the B1G championship.

Smith was among the players that broke down the anticipated matchup in Week 13.

“Coming off of our first win last year, it’s competitive,” said Smith. “We know that they got every motivation to come in and put what we did to rest. And we got every intention and motivation to come out and keep the road going.”

He also understands what it takes to win this kind of game. Smith revealed what the mindset is for a game like this.

“Understanding that there’s no moment too big,” said Smith. “If you’re here playing in this game, you’re supposed to be here. You put the work in and the people around you trust you. Everybody got to know that. And I think everybody does.”

Michigan and Ohio State kickoff from Columbus at noon ET on FOX this Saturday.

(H/T 247Sports)