Former Michigan punter Zoltan Mesko is a man of many talents. He’s an IBMer, NFL vet, internationally published author, patent holding inventor, actor and quad-lingual speaker.

But he was also a holder.

That position became a focal point of conversation on Sunday when the Minnesota Vikings shanked a potential game-winning field goalĀ in the NFC Wild Card round.

Replay showed that it was a “laces in” hold, and that Walsh wasn’t entirely to blame for the botched game-winner.

Mesko took that opportunity to educate the masses on how the kick was impacted by the hold. He made some interesting points:

He was asked if the laces affected the direction of the kick in any way.

The obvious question was how that could possibly be on the snapper when it looked like a perfect snap?

It won’t take the sting away from the loss for Minnesota fans, but it’s a different take then the assumptions Twitter made about who was at fault.