The previously postponed Purdue at Michigan basketball game has a new date. The Wolverines will host the Boilermakers on Thursday, Feb. 10 at 9 p.m, UM announced Thursday.

This means Michigan and Purdue will face each other twice in under a week. The Boilermakers are set to host UM on Saturday, Feb. 5. The Feb. 10 game was originally scheduled for Jan. 11 but postponed due to COVID-19 issues.

Michigan improved to 10-7 overall and 4-3 in conference play with a 72-70 win over Northwestern Wednesday night. Purdue’s last win is also over Northwestern, 80-60 this past weekend. The No. 6 Boilermakers (16-3, 6-3) are back in action Thursday night at Iowa, a 9 p.m. game.