Michigan’s athletic department has released its weekly COVID-19 results.

Saturday morning, the department sent out the updated testing results for the first week in September. It has been releasing information regarding the screenings on a weekly basis since student-athletes, coaches and staff have been returning to campus.

The latest tests included 940 screenings from Aug. 29 through Sept. 4, which included all student-athletes and staff. There were only four positive results received. That means that, of the 3,538 tests that have been administered, Michigan’s athletic department has had 46 positive results.

A total of 42 of those have been among student-athletes (out of 3,064 screenings) and just four have involved coaches or staff (of 474 tests).

The figures span across all student-athletes and is not broken down by sport. However, it was reported at the end of August that the Michigan football program did not have any positive results.