Michigan apparently cracked down on any potential drama for the in-state rivalry matchup.

No. 4 Michigan was held back by the referees and security from entering the tunnel going into halftime until Michigan State entered the locker room in the key Week 9 matchup. Angelique Chengelis with The Detroit News shared an image of the scene.

ESPN’s Molly McGrath reported in the second half that the University of Michigan beefed up its security for the key rivalry game. The decision to beef up security comes after Michigan and Penn State had an alteraction in the same tunnel at Michigan Stadium in the Week 7 matchup.

Michigan Stadium only has one tunnel for the teams to go through, and the locker rooms are close by. Last year in “The Game,” a heated clash between Michigan and Ohio State players almost resulted in a brawl.

The one-tunnel system at Michigan Stadium has led to several significant verbal confrontations and near brawls between teams.

Michigan entered halftime with a 13-7 lead over Michigan State as the Wolverines look to defeat their rivals for the first time since 2019.