Michigan has its first lead of the game against Michigan State!

After a sluggish start to the game, the Wolverines have woken up with a couple of big scoring drives against the Spartans. The first one was nice, but it was the second touchdown drive that was particularly impressive.

It started back on Michigan’s own two-yard line after a nice punt pinned the Wolverines deep. It also appeared that the drive may end prematurely with the Wolverines facing an early third down deep in their own territory.

Quarterback Shea Patterson converted that and then led the offense on a long, steady drive. It went all the way down inside Michigan State’s five-yard line where Michigan faced a second-and-goal.

From there, the Wolverines executed a beautiful play-action pass. It was set up by Nick Eubanks who sold his block well before slipping his man and fading toward the corner.

The move left him wide open with Patterson hitting him with an easy throw:

The drive was beautiful and crucial as it gave the Wolverines the lead. However, it was also the longest TD drive for Michigan in over three years. According to the FOX broadcast, it was the longest drive for the Wolverines since Sept. 3, 2016, against Hawaii.