Survive and advance.

Michigan did that again on Saturday, and it advanced in the College Football Playoff poll rankings. The Wolverines moved up to No. 12 after escaping Indiana in double overtime on Saturday.

Michigan benefitted from the fact that four top-10 teams fell on Saturday, three of which for the second time this year. Three other B1G teams again came in ranked ahead of the Wolverines.

Ohio State earned the No. 3 spot, Iowa came in at No. 5 and Michigan State jumped to No. 9. Coming in behind Michigan was Northwestern at No. 20 and Wisconsin at No. 25.

The Wolverines have a chance to earn two quality wins to end the season and potentially a third if they get to a B1G Championship. They’ll travel to take on Penn State this Saturday and end the season with Ohio State in Ann Arbor.

They will, however, need the Buckeyes to beat Michigan State this weekend to keep their B1G East hopes alive.