There’s no question that Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards will be the top options for Michigan at RB this season. However, Michigan Co-OC Matt Weiss is really excited about what Kalel Mullings brings to the table per Ryan Zuke of Mlive.

In his 1st 19 games with Michigan, Mullings has mostly played LB. The young Since the beginning of spring camp, he has been taking snaps at both LB and RB. He could be looking at an extended role at both positions this season for Michigan if camp is any indication.

“He’s a talented guy,” Michigan co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss said Sunday inside Schembechler Hall. “I think he could do anything that he wanted to do, but I think he’d be a really high level back if that’s what he committed himself to. Right now, he’s doing everything we ask. Obviously, it’s hard when you’re splitting time to master both, but he’s finding a way to do that. We’re spending extra time with him and we’re excited about what he can potentially add to an already talented backfield.”

What Mullings brings to the table in the running game is his physical presence, coming in at 232 pounds. Hassan Haskins, who is now with the Tennessee Titans, was the last back that fit that description for Michigan according to Weiss. He stated that the expectation for Mullings isn’t to fill Haskins’ hole, but just to bring a similar element.

“He’s a bigger back, right?” Weiss said. “We have kind of an embarrassment of riches in the backfield with Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards – both guys who likely will be playing at the next level. But they’re not 200-and-however-many-pounds Kalel is. He’s a really big, physical guy so he gives you that presence that obviously we had a lot of success with Hassan last year. We’re not saying that Kalel is going to be Hassan, we’re just asking him to be Kalel. But he adds an element that (is different than) the other two really talented players.”