Michigan is still juggling an injury to quarterback Cade McNamara. After entering the season as the starter, McNamara was bypassed on the depth chart following JJ McCarthy’s hot start.

In the end, McNamara was slotted as the backup following the Hawaii game. Unfortunately, he was subsequently injured in the game against UConn.

Heading into Week 5 and a tough road trip to Iowa, the Wolverines are still trying to figure out who the No. 2 QB is while McNamara recovers. For now, co-OC Matt Weiss has a pair of favorites for the role (Via 247 Sports):

Something that we’re still working through. We have two guys we feel really good about with Davis Warren and Alan Bowman. 

We feel like we could win with both of them. They’ve worked really hard, they’re very well prepared. We love both guys. The only advantage Alan gives us: he’s started getting in the Big 12. So if you get into an environment like that, we feel like he could handle it. 

At the same time, Davis is extremely mature, intelligent. I have no doubt that he’d be able to handle those situations and flourish as well. And obviously, we have Alex, who can provide a whole different element for our offense, if you want to utilize that.