Michigan defensive coordinator Jesse Minter knows he will have his hands full dealing with Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe.

The DC recently spoke on Milroe’s impressive dual-threat ability.

“It’s really an 11-on-1 mentality,” Minter told reporters. “He’s capable of every play, not only playing the first play and having to defend the first play but also like what we call the second play,” Milroe explained. “His ability when he drops back to, one, scramble to throw the ball really, really far downfield or to dump the ball off to the speed guys, but also his ability to take the ball himself.”

Milroe has thrown for 2,718 yards and 23 passing touchdowns. The QB has also ran for 468 yards and added 12 TDs on the ground.

“It’s 11-on-1. We’ve got to do a great job up front with our rush lanes and integrity of that, but at the same time, our guys have to go play fast. I think there’s times where you can over-coach those guys of sitting there waiting to see what he’s going to do, and then there’s times where you’ve got to let those guys roll, maybe have somebody else there if they screw it up,” the coach explained. “But I’m looking forward to our guys facing that challenge and confident in our players’ ability to go out there and have some success.”

The Wolverines have done a fabulous job of stopping opposing QBs this seasom. Minter’s unit is the No. 2 total defense in the nation.