Saturday’s loss was a heartbreaker, but an unfortunate storyline occupied the headlines on Sunday.

Ronnie Bell had a productive game for the Wolverines against Penn State. Unfortunately, he had a late drop on a fourth down play that resulted in a turnover on downs. If he had hung on, Michigan would have been an extra point away from tying the game.

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On Sunday, Bell’s father posted on social media after a fan sent a hateful email to Bell for the late miscue. Since that time, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh have sounded off on the actions of the fan.

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As of Monday, the fan, Connor Grady, has apologized for his comments. Larry Lage with the AP took to Twitter and shared an email response he received from Grady.

Grady admitted his conduct was unacceptable under any circumstances and said he has already apologized to Bell and the Bell family for his actions. He did not try to make any excuse for his behavior and apologized for the “shame and embarrassment” his actions brought around the Michigan community.

Here are Lage’s tweets with Grady’s email message: