Michigan fans may decide to take a breather from Jeopardy after recent comments by host Alex Trebek. The longtime game show personality couldn’t help but poke fun at one Michigan fan’s expense during the show.

Aaron Goetsch, who was introduced as a law student and a “fan of University of Michigan athletics,” was Friday’s winner on the show, and seemed to receive plenty of support from other Michigan fans on social media. Obviously, winning Jeopardy is no small feat.

But Goetsch’s win didn’t come without at a little embarrassment from Trebek. The host mentioned Michigan’s blowout loss to Alabama in the Citrus Bowl earlier this year, before asking Goetsch about his expectations for the program.

Goetsch then referenced Michigan’s historic loss to Appalachian State in 2007. Really, it was 30 seconds of ugly memories for any Wolverine fan watching Friday night’s show. Below is the interaction:

Those were some painful reminders about tough losses Michigan football has sustained. But, at least Goetsch won, so it probably made life a little bit easier after the show.

Michigan fans may want to be careful before revealing their fandom to Trebek next time.