Michigan is adding one superfan to its ranks for Friday’s College Football Playoff appearance! It comes after a perceived snub from Georgia head coach Kirby Smart during a previous Bulldogs game in Athens.

Friday morning, iconic pro wrestler Ric Flair posted on Twitter that he is riding with the Wolverines in the Orange Bowl. The reason? An incident in Athens where Smart failed to shake Flair’s hand on the sidelines.

“Sorry (Kirby Smart)! You Should Have Shook My Hand On The Sidelines When I Was Standing Next To (Herschel Walker) In Athens,” wrote Flair. “Today, It’s All BLUE! (Jim Harbaugh) Has Been Shaking My Hand Since 1989! GO BLUE!”

Flair has often been a superfan of sorts for Georgia. Now, his fandom will be on the other side with Harbaugh and the Wolverines for the Orange Bowl.