Now that student-athletes can profit off of their Name, Image, and Likeness, players across the country have started entering into various money-making ventures.

One deal that was shared recently includes two Texas A&M stars getting paid big money for an exclusive interview deal with a fan site. Those two players were paid $10,000 for the media access.

On Friday, it was also shared that Michigan football players have entered into a jersey deal with Michigan retailer The M Den. The retailer is now able to sell customized jerseys with the number and name of specific student-athletes.

According to comments made to Darren Rovell with Action Network, the retailer was previously limited to selling certain jersey numbers without names:

“Before the Ed O’Bannon case, we could do player’s numbers on the back,” M Den owner Scott Hirth said. “When it was Denard Robinson, we could make No. 16’s in the store. After O’Bannon, we could only do the No. 1 and the year.”

50 players currently on Michigan’s roster are a part of the agreement.