This wasn’t supposed to be an annual thing any longer, but Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh has once again officially dipped his toes in the NFL coaching pool by interviewing with the Denver Broncos.

At this point, it’s like he almost has to leave Michigan. He can’t keep on doing this every year, right?

As the saying goes: “Once, shame on you. Twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on the both of us.”

At first, there were reports by “sources” saying that the 2022 national coach of the year would make the leap if offered. But those types of reports have been common for the past 4 years or so, not always to be taken seriously. There were a few teams thrown around the circle of conversation, but the Carolina Panthers distanced themselves from Harbaugh, and there hasn’t been anything substantial linking him to a serious interview with an NFL team.

Well, that was until this past weekend, when it was announced that Harbaugh would interview with the Broncos; he did so via a 2-hour virtual interview Monday, per reports.

Yeah, there are a couple of Stanford connections, namely Denver CEO Greg Penner.

But Harbaugh knows a lot of people, and it was just an interview — nothing too personal, right?


As it turns out, Broncos interim coach Jerry Rosburg has deep ties, which could end up carrying some weight in the Mile High City.

“To the football family, the Harbaugh family, they have had a huge impact on my life,” Rosburg said during a recent press conference. “John [Jim’s brother] is my best friend and has been for 30-some years. He was there in 1993 when my daughter Megan was born. Throughout my life, he’s been a very strong influence and strong friend in the deepest sense.”

Rosburg said the two families are so close that they refer themselves as Harburgs or Rosbaughs. Jack Harbaugh, the father of Jim and John, is considered as a grandpa to Rosburg’s three children.

Now that’s a family connection.

As of now, based on confirmed reports, Denver seems like it could be a likely destination for Harbaugh. He’s already interviewed and has multiple ties throughout the organization; he’s arguably the most popular coaching name in college football and has a track record of drawing NFL interest.

Harbaugh, and Denver, could easily strike while the iron is hot. Denver has Wal-Mart money, so providing a mega contract wouldn’t be a problem. Harbaugh would get twice the money and have half the stress. Right now, he’s under investigation for essentially lying about buying a hamburger for a recruit, among other less significant infractions (watching a player workout on Zoom during COVID dead period).

The Indianapolis Colts seem like another possible landing spot for Harbaugh, their star quarterback in the early 1990s and member of their Ring of Honor. Of course, owner Jim Irsay could end up keeping interim head coach Jeff Saturday, who has become the subject of mass scrutiny in media circles.

Harbaugh has the NFL experience and enough ties to the college world to rebuild/reload just about any franchise. He’s known for his work with quarterbacks. He’s had more than 40 players drafted during his time in Ann Arbor. On top of that, he has the 6th-highest winning percentage in NFL history.

What’s not to like?

But until the Colts make a move, it looks like the Broncos are in control — at least in the early stages — of Harbaugh’s NFL fate.

Remember, many reliable outlets and journalists reported that it’d “be a done deal” if an NFL team were to offer the 8th-year Michigan coach who’s made 2 consecutive College Football Playoff appearances and bounced Ohio State 2 years in a row.

Harbaugh has used loose language that’s been open to interpretation. Open-ended, non-decisive and oddly vague. On Monday, he effectively broke his promise to Michigan AD Warde Manuel by interviewing with the Broncos. Following the 2021 season, he interviewed with the Minnesota Vikings but didn’t end up receiving an offer.

Harbaugh then said he was done entertaining the NFL. He was committed to Michigan and nothing would change his feelings.

But then he interviewed with Denver.

There will be a lot of teams connected to Harbaugh. We’ll watch reports surface about NFL coaches being fired, then expect to see Harbaugh’s name tossed in there, just because. Most of it will be speculative and/or poorly sourced information, as usual — that is unless he interviews.

But due to the fact that he did, in fact, interview, it seems like Harbaugh could actually make the move — to the Broncos or another franchise.

On Tuesday, star running back Blake Corum announced that he’d be returning to Michigan in 2023. During that interview with ESPN’s Rich Eisen, Corum discussed his decision to come back after injury. And because of the looming rumors, Corum was then asked about the status of his head coach.

“I kind of avoided that question because I want him to do what’s best for him. I avoided that question,” Corum said. “I told him I support him in whatever he does, ’cause that’s how I really feel. I support coach with whatever decision he makes.”