College football coaches aren’t just going to have to worry about a depth chart for players during the 2020 season, they’ll need a depth chart for their staff.

One of the biggest concerns for the upcoming season is what to do if a head coach gets sidelined for a game (or multiple) because of a positive test with COVID-19. That issue has forced coaches to create their own succession plan, in the event that something should occur at some point in the season.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh says he has a plan in place.

Visiting with Jon Jansen on the In the Trenches podcast, Harbaugh provided a sneak peek at his succession plan for this season. The two coordinators, Don Brown (DC) and Josh Gattis (OC), are primed to take over if Harbaugh can’t be on the sidelines.

“Succession plan? Sure,” Harbaugh said on the podcast. “Those are the two coaches that would be in that succession. At every position, not just myself, at every position on the staff [there’s a plan].”

Brown has plenty of coaching experience and has been involved with the college game since 1982. He’s had head coaching stops at Northeastern and UMass and has been a member of Harbaugh’s staff at Michigan since 2016.

Gattis is newer on the coaching scene, but has still been involved for a decade. He joined Michigan’s staff ahead of the 2019 season, but as had stops at Western Michigan, Vanderbilt, Penn State and Alabama.

It wouldn’t be ideal, but Harbaugh has plenty of experience on his staff that is capable of running the show for a game, or several, if necessary.