There seems to be a disagreement over why Michigan’s athletic department entered a 2-week shutdown on Saturday night.

The department announced the decision after COVID-19 variant B.1.1.7 was found within the Wolverines’ athletic department. According to a statement released on Saturday, they did so based on a “mandate” from Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

However, a MDHHS official says they did not order the shutdown of Michigan’s athletic department, but merely recommended a number of potential actions.

That’s according to a story from the Detroit News’ Angelique Chengelis, who obtained clarification from the department on Sunday.

“MDHHS sent University of Michigan officials a memo explaining our recommendations but has not issued any orders for the university to take any actions,” MDHHS public information officer Lynn Sutfin wrote in an email to the Detroit News.

Suftin also said the recommendation was made based on “five confirmed (B.1.1.7) cases and additional suspected cases of the variant associated with sports teams at the University.”

According to a report, the positive cases were not within Michigan’s men’s or women’s basketball programs.