The rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State continues to be incredibly lopsided in recent history, but at least one player doesn’t believe the gap between the two is that large.

For Ohio State, the Buckeyes have won eight straight against the Wolverines with a number of wins by blowout fashion. Going all the way back to 2000, Michigan has just three wins in the series over the past two decades.

Despite those results, Michigan linebacker Khaleke Hudson is not convinced Ohio State is the more talented team. He also doesn’t believe the Buckeyes have a huge edge in facilities or coaching.

Isaiah Hole with Wolverines Wire shared Hudson’s comments:

“I’m not sure what they got at their facility, but I know we got one of the best facilities in the world,” Hudson said. “And we’ve got one of the best coaches in the world. We got the best teammates in the world.

“I don’t know where they’re at, but I know we’re higher up.”

“I feel like our talent is better,” he said.

So, if it isn’t a deficit of talent, resources, or coaching in Ann Arbor, what is holding the Wolverines back from beating Ohio State? The Buckeyes put up 56 points this season in the Big House with a first-year head coach and first-year starter at quarterback. When will Michigan break the streak?